Farnum Hill

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On Farnum Hill, we use the word “cider” to mean an alcoholic beverage fermented from particular apples, just as “wine” is fermented from particular grapes. (Fresh apple juice is – well – fresh apple juice, or ‘sweet cider.’) Cider is … Continued

Downeast Cider House

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Downeast Cider House was founded by ross brockman and tyler mosher during their senior year of college. after a considerable amount of time spent on the family orchard, an affinity for farm-fresh apple products was born. meanwhile, at school, the … Continued

Domaine Dupont

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The Domaine Dupont family estate, producers of ciders and calvados in the Pays d’Auge region, Normandy, France.

Bad Seed Hard Cider

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It’s the kind of idea you get after a few drinks at the local pub. ‘Hey, let’s start a cider company!’ – and then forget about it the next day. But Albert and Devin, two guys up in Highland, New … Continued

Cider Creek Hard Cider

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Cider Creek Hard Cider is a farm cidery located in Canisteo, NY. It’s our mission to produce high-quality, craft, hard cider with authenticity. We’re creative, funky, and progressive in our brewing methods and recipes. We proudly use 100% New York … Continued

Naked Flock Hard Cider

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Naked Flock is a true Hudson Valley Hard Cider, crafted for people who crave unique flavor and are on the hunt for quality. Cidermaker Jonathan Hull doesn’t add water or grape spirits, flavorings or colorants to the ciders, which results … Continued

Arkansas Tom Razorback BBQ

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Arkansas Tom’s delivers the most fresh and tasteful BBQ in the Hudson Valley. From Ribs to Brisket and Pulled Pork to Wings, Arkansas Tom’s delivers the taste and flavors you would expect from a professional team. Arkansas Tom’s is featured … Continued

Thatchers Hard Cider

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Our cidermakers love to marry traditional techniques with state of the art technology to create ciders that are smooth, fresh and full of flavour. Straight from the orchards, our apples are delivered and tipped into our apple bays. Every load … Continued

Strongbow Hard Cider

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In 1962, Bulmer’s began crafting Strongbow in Hereford, England. Embodying 125 years of cider-making tradition, we’re now the #1 hard cider brand in the world. Strongbow over ice is Cider at Its Bestest. Strongbow Gold Apple and Strongbow Honey both … Continued

Stella Artois Cidre

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Welcome to Cidre season, when winter blankets are packed away and picnic blankets lay down to play. Add a splash of spontaneity to your repertoire, and raise a glass to it all coming together just so. As golden afternoons unfold, … Continued

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